Helios Solution has completed a large number of custom programming development projects working with Microsoft Technologies. Our skilled engineers and designers have done a large quantity of work in Microsoft Technology application development utilizing amongst others Asp.net, Vb.net, C#, Silverlight, WCF and WPF and have coded apps for a broad spectrum of verticals and areas.

It is a structure for building administration arranged requisitions. Utilizing WCF, one can send information as messages starting with one administration endpoint then onto the next. An administration endpoint might be some piece of a persistently accessible administration facilitated by IIS, or it could be an administration facilitated in a provision.

An endpoint might be a customer of an administration that demands information from an administration endpoint. The messages might be as straightforward as a solitary character or word sent as Xml, or as perplexing as a stream of binary information.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a cutting edge presentation framework for building Windows customer apps with outwardly staggering client experiences. With WPF, one can make an extensive variety of both standalone & browser-hosted apps.

WPF differentiates the presence of a client interface from its conduct. The presence is for the specified in the XAML, the conduct is actualized in a managed customizing language like C# or Visual Basic. 

Why Outsource Microsoft WCF and WPF projects to Helios Solutions?

With excellent group of Microsoft WCF experts we give valuable solutions to our customers across Europe. Our proficiency in Microsoft .NET technology aids us to convey best services to our customer base.

The biggest achievement of Helios Solutions is bridging the cultural & communication gap as by hiring native European Project managers in India to take care of your projects. This ensures your outsourcing experience to India is the same as if you were working with a European partner.

Outsourcing your Microsoft WCF and WPF projects to Helios Solutions is reliable because we offer:

  • Highly skilled Microsoft WCF and WPF Specialists, Developers and Team Managers.

  • We have 3 years of experience in developing high quality website development solutions.

  • Highly competitive prices compared to your home country.

  • Prompt and extensive support from Helios Solutions after fulfilment of project, which is a preferable experience over a Microsoft WCF and WPF Freelancer

  • More cost effectiveness by outsourcing your projects to Helios Solution in India compared to a Microsoft WCF and WPF Freelancer in Europe