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General Information

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HS Brand Logo Slider is a WordPress plugin that helps users upload logos of their, clients, affiliates, sponsors, etc. along with a tile and short description. The slider can be embedded in any post or a page that a user requires as a short code that can be placed in the editor of that particular page or post, which is made available by us. It also provides with an ability to add a link to each logo. The slider can be set up to scroll automatically, and is also responsive in nature, which means it also look great on small screen devices.


  • The user is allowed to specify number of logos to be shown on different screen sizes, that could be a Desktop, Tablet, Small Desktop, or a Mobile Device
  • Image can be easily uploaded using WordPress library
  • Multiple sliders can be created for every page
  • Easily customizable using the admin panel options
  • It has the ability to link the logos to either external or internal links
  • It is User friendly and easy to use
  • It is a light weight plugin
  • The slider can be customized according the page or a post, it gives the ability to create different sliders with different logos
  • It also allows the users to hide the title and description given under the logo


  • Upload the plugin folder `HS Brand Logo Slider` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins -> Installed plugins -> Activate HS Brand Logo Slider” menu in WordPress.
  • Find HS Brand Logo Slider Plugin in -> Admin Menu.

How to use?

To display HS Brand Logo Slider, Add Following Shortcode to your page :


Use shortcode in a PHP file :
<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[hs-brand]’); ?>


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