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Financial Processing System for prepaid, credit, debit cards and mobile money

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General Information
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General Information


  • MongoDB: To manage huge number of additional transaction data in a flexible way.
  • ElasticSearch: Used as external index for managing transactions for dynamic financial, compliance and fraud reports.
  • RabbitMQ: Used as scalable messaging system for financial transactions, events and asynchrony back office processes.
  • Memcache: Used as session and key / value storage for our web portals.
  • Haproxy: Most reliable open source load balancer. Used for all web applications and APIs.
  • Varnish: Used as web application accelerator. In combination with Haproxy
  • MariaDB Glacier: MariaDB relational database used as Glaciar master/master database cluster.
  • Symfony 2.x: It is one of the most reliable frameworks in PHP world, having ample of open-source plugins and tools, like- ElasticSearch and event management in it.
  • BackBone.JS: To standardize front-end development into MVC style.
  • Bootstrap: For establishing modern grid based and responsive front-end design seamlessly across the platform and browsers.

Validation and Security Guideline:

  • W3C

Testing tools

  • PHPUnit
  • Behat
  • Mink
  • Selenium
  • Jenkins

Partnership Model:

Dedicated team

Team Size:

Approximately, 10 software engineers team dedicatedly working since last 2 years.

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 Team leaders
  • 3 Senior Symfony Developers
  • 2 Mobile Application Developers
  • 1 Tester
  • 1 Frontend Developer


Financial Processing System for prepaid, credit, debit cards and mobile money.

About Partner:

Our Partner, xWare42 GmbH is pioneer in providing full service platforms in sales and billing software and automation systems to E-money issuing and credit cards transactions. It has also specialized in the implementation of the development of mobile payment applications on various smartphones and tablet platforms.  Our partner takes into consideration the essential needs within the space of cashless payment transactions.

Business Needs:

Following were the requirements of the Partner –

  • This project is an Idea Based Development. Our partner, xWare42 GmbH had few ideas in his mind, which he discussed with us. Based on this, we started developing the project.
  • As it was an Idea Based Development, our partner wanted us to adopt Agile Software Development Methodology.
  • He also wanted us to upload each phase as soon as it is developed, which can be further viewed and analyzed by our partner and can also be amended, if required.
  • Our partner, wished to have an online platform. The product should function on the API (application programming interface) or the web services through our core banking system.
  • The product should provide support or be available to the end user all the time i.e. 24 x 7.
  • It should be process based and should be able to hold the interest of the end user. The basic out-look and further screens should have minimal fields to verify any user. Thus making UI (User Interface) more interactive and interesting.
  • The partner wanted to use the latest and cutting edge technologies in the project.


Solutions and Key Features

 The following are the key features –

  • Managing the Master Data: A section in the project has information of currency, country, postal codes, etc. of entire world. We serve this information/data via various services in the project.
  • Core Banking Application: This application can manage the clients of the partner and the end-users of the client through this project.
  • Support System: This is a system where the users can post their enquiry on specific requirements.
  • Online Banking Application: Through this system, the end-user can register, activate, load money in card and transfer money.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): This is to validate the user’s details.
Target Market

Currently, this credit card processing through online banking system is majorly used in Germany. Our partner has plans to expand this system to whole Europe.


Our partner, xWare42 GmbH started this project with an idea and after looking at our quality, capability of our Symfony team, the ability to think along with the client, transparency in our development process and skill to provide a comprehensive solution, our partner developed a trust with us. On the basis of this trust, our partner, xWare42 GmbH, proposed for a dedicated team to work with them for long term.
We have been successful in delivering our best services to our partner. We communicate, as if we are working with our partner at the same location (onsite).