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Light Poles Management system

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General Information
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General Information


  • Asp.Net MVC 2.0 (Multilingual in Dutch, German and English)
  • CSS 2.0, Java Script, jQuery, jQGrid
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server Reporting Service(SSRS)
  • Google MAP API V3.0 extensible used.
  • Window Service for background process

Partnership Model:

Project Based

Team Size:

Team of 3 dotnetspecialists and 1 QA member worked for more than 12 months.

The team was responsible for all the developments from scratch as it is in the modular format. It was build in such a way that the modules can be attach or detach with less effort or changes. The QA member was testing for complicated modules proactively.

Currently, one of the specialists from the team is still working as a support and doing required changes needed by city municipals.



Online maintenance and managing of complains of the light poles installed by the municipal region.

About Partner:

The Netherlandsbased Software Company, which is involved in development of corporate websites and online web-shops for mega stores. Helios Solutions is the outsourced partner in developing the CMS based corporate websites and online web-shops for the company.

Business Needs:

Most of thecity municipal in Netherlands is managing the street light poles using old desktop based applications. The street light pole complaints were registered by the citizen either in person or over the telephone.

Our Netherlandspartner observed this and shared this idea with us to develop a SAAS base web application solution to make automation of complaint management process for maintenance of the street light poles.Following were the requirements of the client:

Our partner required this particular application to be made in different Modules, like –

  • Complaint Registration System: This was the major part and requirement of our partner. This module consisted –          
    • The location wise mapping of all the light poles.
    • Multiple people can register or login in the application.
    • They can get the notification of any ticket (complaint) rose.
    • The user can select the category or priority of the complaint (high/urgent, normal and low)
    • The user can also upload images of the location or pole.
  • Complain Management: This is another very important module in the system. Once the tickets are raised, they are managed in this module, as – 
    • The list of all the tickets is arranged as per the city, district and street. It mentions the unique number of the pole, its address, and material used, its life – in terms of consumed hours and left hours.
    • The information can be filtered according to above mentioned heads. The info can be exported into Excel sheet, if needed.
    • Once, it is found out in which area the faulty pole falls, the head authority of the system can assign task to the concerned person.
    • The hierarchy of the role and responsibilities is maintained in the application. The solving of the issue is done step by step and each and every development is noted in the application.
    • The status of the ticket is also reflected here.
    • If the complaint is solved, it will be removed from the list. But, can be seen in the Report section of the application. 


  • Energy Saving System: This also incorporates the scheduling and auto-dimming of the lights as per the weather, day light and traffic.


  • Maintenance Management: In this module, the registered complaints are displayed according to the location, material, target date, complaint type, Priority, status, etc. It was required that the Admin can view the details or history and filter the info as per the mentioned heads.


  • Finance: This module reflects the concerned person involved in the process, the effective date/time and the price incurred in the process or by the person.


  • Reports: In this module, the tickets (complaints) can be viewed along with their cost, material, status (solved, pending or return), schedules, and maintenance report.
Problems / Challenges

Following were the challenges:

  • Website should have a simple design
  • To provide the facility of registering/logging complains of the faulty street light pole, observed by the citizen.
  • Designing and implementation of dynamic and configurable workflow for assigning of complaints to the own maintenance staff and contract maintenance staff.
  • Preparation of scheduled maintenance plan and its estimation.
  • Analysing of city existing inventory data for importing on new system.
Solutions and Key Features

In response to the needs, we prepared a detailed system requirement document based on extensive analysis along with our partner. We prepared application wireframe for each proposed page to share our innovative ideas without partner and get their feedback to develop more user friendly and robust system. For the user friendly geographical solution we have applied extensive usage of Google maps API.For the complete automated application we have large set of data management pages. We provided multilingual application to provide the language independency to work with all the major languages in European environment.

To work with the existing usable data, system has offered solution to import data from external media to the application and further manages the same.

For the system security we used authentication based SAAS application and various technical level solutions for the data security.

We have used tabular data formats and large set of reports for data viewing and analysing.

The following are the key features – 

  • This application system has various different participants, such as –citizen, Municipal Administration, Municipal Manager, Technical Team Leader and Engineers.
  • This application works on architecture of online complaint registration.
  • This application is used by multiple users at multiple locations to register complain for faulty light pole. It is available online and can be accessed from anywhere in Netherlands.
  • This app enables the municipal of the state/province to track the complaints lodged by the citizen along with the images (if attached).
  • It also helps to report, manage and resolve the tickets. It deals and displays huge statistics and also helps to keep a track of the database as per varied location.

Our partner has a robust SAAS based street light pole management system with several modules which are used by cities municipal. Right now it has been implemented in two important cities in Netherlands. There are plans of implementing this system in other cities in Netherlands as well as Germany.
Currently, the complaint registration module and maintenance staff module is under the development for the mobile & tab native applications.