Technology : ASP DOT NET MVC
Online Workforce supply management system

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General Information
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General Information


  • Asp.Net 4.0, C# (web application)
  • JQuery mobile responsive layout with MVC 4 C# (mobile  application)
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • Css, javascript, jQuery, ajax control toolkit
  • SQL Server Reporting Service(SSRS)
  • Web Service

Partnership Model:


Team Size:

Only one developer was associated with the project for more than 11 months and it is still continuing.


This application provides human resource or man power to different companies of various sectors. It also provides accommodation and auto (transport) to its workers.

Business Needs:

Following were the requirements of the client –

Our partner required this particular application to be made in different Modules, like –

  • This project is an Agile Based project, where daily meetings were conducted with our partner. He used to explain his requirements and the developer used to prepare the modules. Once the module is complete, we need to upload it. If the things were all-right. We can move to the next level or module.
  • Our partner wanted to incorporate huge data base of the information of various clients, the different project, list of workers in those particular project, the list of accommodation, the auto (transport) provided to the worker.
  • The key feature and requirement was a separate Reports section : Our client wanted a systemic module, which can provide various reports, like –

    1) Daily Report
    2)  Weekly Report
    3)  Yearly Report

These reports give information of the name of the project, client, and list of workers, there start time and end time. It also displays the presence and absence of the worker with the reason for the absenteeism.

SMS facility: this was one of the important segments in the project. This particular feature was required in different languages, and must have the facility of –

  • Pre-set text
  • Editable Text

Since out partner has a very huge cliental base and has varied kinds of users. He wanted to have this similar application for the Mobile Phones, i.e. in the Responsive design.

Solutions and Key Features
  • The application works online and off-line for both – Website and Mobile phone.
  • This website/application is used by multiple users at multiple locations to get enroll within this system. It manages all the function of the company, right from appointing the man power to assigning them to specific clients, providing them accommodations, transport, managing their leaves, etc.
  • It provides each and every detail in the form of various reports in various formats, like – PDF, XML, CSV, MHTML, Excel, Tiff File, Word, etc. and gathers the statistics to keep a track of the developments.
Target Market

Currently, this application is used in Netherlands.


Our partner started this project with an idea of developing a Human Resource System. After looking at our quality & capability of our dotNet team, the ability to think along with the client, transparency in our development process and skill to provide a comprehensive solution, our partner developed a trust on our team. On the basis of this trust, our partner proposed for a dedicated developer to work with them for long term.
We have been successful in delivering our best services to our partner. We communicate, as if we are working with our partner at the same location (onsite).