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General Information
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General Information


  • Magento (Community Edition)
  • PHP & MySQL
  • HTML5 CSS3

Partnership Model:

Project Based

Team Size:

The team of 2 Magento specialists worked for about 1 month on the project.

About Partner:

Our partner is an established distributer of high quality of sports nutrition, especially in the liquid supplements sector for more than 24 years. They mainly cater the fitness clubs and body shops.

Business Needs:

  • Our Partner came up with an idea to develop a website where he can inform people about dietary supplements and can sell the same. He also wanted the shop system for directly buying the products (shopping cart, registration, checkout, notification mail, etc.)
Problems / Challenges

Following were the challenges:

  • Create new theme as per the requirement of the partner, as the default design of Magento was way different from what the partner wished.
  • The admin part of the website should be easy for the partner to implement new products by himself.
  • He also wanted the facility of bulk upload as he receives huge package/database of product information, which ideally can be uploaded from an excel file.
  • The style, look or feel, core functionality and appearance of the website should be engaging.
  • Develop the Club & Reseller functionality, wherein the visitor can become a reseller and request for the data. It should be password protected.
Solutions and Key Features

In response to the needs, we prepared a detailed system requirement document based on extensive research, and came up with the following solutions:

  • Placement: Placing the banner, tabs, product window as per the requirement of the partner, which are aesthetically as well as technically appealing
  • Memory Management: The whole website has high quality pictures of the products. This takes a lot of space. The major achievement was to manage the memory by restricting the upload size of the image to – less than 2mb.
  • Created Tabs: Developed the functionality of New & Blogs as a tab that has all the information, news and developments regarding the product.
  • Banner: The slider banner was added on every page of the website.
  • Groups: The products are customised as per the nutrition or category. One can select anything and further the list of products will open that fall under the same. On clicking the product, its details will expand.

Target Market

The basic targets were the fitness clubs and body shops.


We have utilized complete advantage of the technical capabilities of our team and delivered the best website to our partner. Maintaining the quality of images, loading time and memory, the outcome was crucial, but we were able to bring out the result in stipulated time frame.