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Online appointments and Schedular

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General Information
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General Information


  • Drupal 7
  • PHP
  • jQuery in JS

Partnership Model:

Project Based

Team Size:

The team of 2 specialists worked for about 5 month on this project.


This appointment portal website caters the customers and companies who can directly get the appointments of the workers of day-to-day facility, as- hairdressing, mechanics, restaurants table booking, house-keeping, etc.

About Partner:

Our partner is among the best in bringing the customers & the services together at one platform. The particular web-app arranges appointments of the consumers and the companies, service providers & enterprises. Our partner is based in Germany and offers the facility around the clock.

Business Needs:

Our partner had an idea to develop a web-application, where companies can display their services and customers/consumers can login and book the appointment for the particular service for particular time of the month/week or day.

Problems / Challenges

Following were the challenges:

  • The interface of the application should be very easy and user-friendly.
  • The site should take minimum time to show the result on screen.
  • Customization of Calendar as per the month/ week/ day.
  • After clicking the calendar, the event should fire and the customer can set the appointment.
  • Customise Google Maps and integrate it to book the appointments.
  • Few modules of the designs demanded by the partner were restricting the core Drupal from functioning properly. To resolve this was one of the biggest challenges.
Solutions and Key Features

 In response to the needs, we prepared a detailed system requirement document based on extensive research, and came up with the following solutions:

  • Customise Calendar: By using customised Modules, calendar was created that has facility of live booking of the appointments and also by over-writing the themes, firing of events by click was made possible.
  • Google Maps: By adding our specific parameters in the Google API, the customisation of appointments was possible. It was specifically as per the location mentioned by the consumer.
  • Design Solution: By using few specific libraries, we concatenated our custom theme and custom modules with it, which resolved the conflict of the design requirements and core Drupal.
  • Time Optimisation: The website has many graphics which could take much time to load. We used Caching feature in the website. All this helped in reducing the time taken in loading the website.
  • Setting Levels of Login: There are 3 major levels of logging in the website.

      i.   Admin – Having all the rights

      ii.  Companies – Having rights to edit, add and approve anything for their company only.

      iii. Consumer/Customer – Having the rights to only select the company, service and book the appointments.

Key Features:

  • The most interesting feature in this web-application is that absolute work of booking the appointment can be done on the calendar itself.
  • By just clicking the calendar, the events are fired and can be viewed in the calendars of the company and the consumer, both.
Target Market

Any company or customer who is willing to arrange appointments for the services and its providers is the target market for this web application.


We have utilised complete advantage of the technical capabilities of our team and delivered the best web-application to our partner. Maintaining the quality of the coding and custom modules, the outcome was crucial, but we were able to bring out the result in stipulated time frame.

The web-application was very much appreciated by our partner, which was reflected in their feedback.