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Cycle and Vehicle Rental Booking shop

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General Information
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General Information


  • Asp.Net 4.0& C# (Multilingual in Dutch, German and English)
  • CSS, javascript, jQuery, Ajax control toolkit, Telerik Control
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server Reporting Service(SSRS)
  • WCF – Web Service (For allow third party to do reservation and renting of vehicle)
  • Window Service for background process (Email, SMS, Background process)

Partnership Model:

Dedicated team

Team Size:

Team of 4 .NET specialists are working for more than 2 years and 2 of them are still contributing in the development and enhancement process.

The team was responsible to study the existing MS Access based desktop application and then develop its web version with all existing and new innovative features based on the central database.


An Online reservation and renting system for cycle and other vehicles.

About Partner:

Our Partner is pioneer in providing software as a tool for renting, reservation and management of cycles and other vehicles at multiple locations like- hotel chains, bicycle shops, restaurant, museums, railway stations, etc.

They have their client base in more than 700 different locations in Netherlands and Germany. During vacation or holiday season, around 25000 bicycles are rented through their client at more than 700 locations in a day.

All this is only possible as the whole system works on SAAS (software as a service)


Business Needs:

Following were the requirements of the client-

  • Our partner required this particular software as a service (SAAS) to be made in different Modules and as soon as one Module is complete, it should be launched.
  • To make an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) kind of a system for bicycle renting through various hotels, tourist destinations, clubs, museums, etc. deploy
  • Earlier, this kind of booking/renting system was vaguely fragmented and our partner had an idea to make software as a service primarily for the hotel chains, who were engaged in the bicycle renting.
  • By having software as a service that is a Cloud Based Service, which can help the tourists to rent bicycles from one location and drop off or deposit it at another.
  • As it is a long-term project, our partner requested for dedicated team of .NET specialist/developer/programmer who can think and understand their queries and concerns.
Problems / Challenges

Problems / Challenge:

Following were the challenges:

  • To replicate the existing Windows application functionalities in the proposed Web form was the major challenge in the process.
  • Design the Layout of the proposed web application as per the individual clients.
  • Develop a central admin web application to manage the client settings.
  • Integration of various payment gateways and its configuration as per the several clients.
Solutions and Key Features

In response to the needs, we prepared a detailed system requirement document based on extensive analysis along with client. We prepared application wireframe for each proposed page to share our innovative ideas with client and get their feedbacks to develop more user friendly and robust system. For the user friendly geographical solution we have applied extensive usage of Google maps API. For the complete automated application we have large set of data management pages. We provided multilingual application to provide the language independency to work with all the major languages in European environment.

To work with the existing usable data, system has offered solution to import data from external media to application and further manages the same.

For the system security we used authentication based SAAS application and various technical level solutions for data security.

We have used tabular data formats and large set of reports for data viewing and analysing.


The following are the key features –

  • This website/application/system can be compared with the complexity of a system used by any car renting company, like- Hertz, U.K. The system enable the client to keep a record of the rented cars, which can be rented from one location and deposit it at another location.
  • It works on complex architecture – Online, Offline and Hybrid
  • This website/application/system is used by multiple users at multiple locations to book bicycles on rent, for an example – hotel Holiday Inn. This hotel is located at several places at all around the globe. This system enables the hotel management to gather the reports of the booking statistics at each location and also helps to keep a track of the database.
  • The system is similar to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – It has many modules attached to it, like –

    1) Reservation
    2) Renting
    3) Inventory
    4) Pricing/Discounts/Events/Special Schemes or Coupons
    5) Invoicing/Barcode
    6) Financing

Target Market

Currently, this online booking and renting system/application is majorly used in Netherlands and some parts of Germany, our partner has plans to expand it in France, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden.


Our partner started this project with single, one module development. After looking at our quality, capability of our .Net team, the ability to think along with the client, transparency in our development process and skill to provide a comprehensive solution, our partner developed a trust on our .Net team. On the basis of this trust, our partner proposed for a dedicated team to work with them for long term.
We have been successful in delivering our best services to our partner. We communicate, as if we are working with our partner at the same location (onsite).