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Online Vehicle plates, Taxes and other services

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General Information
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General Information


  • OpenCart
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • jQuery

Partnership Model:

Project Based

Team Size:

1 OpenCart specialist & 1 HTML CSS specialist worked for about 2 month on this project.

About Partner:

Our Partner is a specialist in new-registration system of SIV vehicles. They got their empowerment by the Ministry of the Interior to carry out the registration procedures and approval by the Treasury to collect taxes from regional registrations. Since 2009, you no longer need to travel to the prefecture to make your registration procedures.

Business Needs:

  • Our Partner wanted to make a website which would save time and energy of the people who wanted to get a Grey Card and Plate for their vehicles. By just following simple 3-step registration procedure, a person can get the mentioned things.
Problems / Challenges

Following were the challenges:

  • The biggest challenge was to integrate the map of France on the home page of the website, like – each area/state is an active link to next page.
  • Develop functionality, where by just clicking on the place on the map of France; the visitor will be taken directly to the next level.
  • Website should have a simple Admin Functionality i.e. User-friendly.
  • The website has to be very simple, engaging & user friendly.
  • To display various options with the product on the same screen i.e. Plate and Grey Card.
Solutions and Key Features

In response to the needs, we prepared a detailed system requirement document based on extensive research, and came up with the following solutions:

  • Custom Menu Module: The Store wise dropdown management menus were specifically developed for this website.
  • Check-Out Process: This particular process has 2 major things:

    i)   Registration: In this, the visitor needs to be a member or registered on the web-application before placing an order.

    ii)  Guest: The visitor doesn’t need to be a member to place an order. He/she can directly get the Grey Card and Plate                   through online order.

  • Tracking Order: After placing an order, the status of order can be tracked by just putting –

    i)  Order Number and

    ii)  E-mail ID of the person who placed the order

  • The Process-fee and certain other amounts were controlled from the Admin end.  We made certain changes into the default core module of OpenCart by using another extension.
  • The 3rd party Payment System was also integrated
Target Market

This website is currently running in France. It basically serves the people who want to register their vehicles without any trouble or hassle. The target customers could be for new registrations, transfer of name and address, etc.


As our partner was not at all tech savvy and came up to Helios Solutions with just an idea of having a website, so that they could communicate with their target market. We gave him suggestions, like- flow of the website, design, etc. those were willingly accepted and after regular meetings and discussion, we were able to develop the website.
Our partner was impressed with our pre-planning, presentation and approach, which aided in creating the trust on Helios, which is reflected from their feedback to us.