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Video Editor – Add and Merge new Effects on your video

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General Information
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General Information


  • Android
  • NDK (Native Development Kit)

Partnership Model:

Project Based

Team Size:

The team of 2 Android specialists worked for about 1 month on this project.


This video editing application caters the smartphone end user, specifically in the entertainment section.

About Partner:

Our Partner is pioneer in providing software solutions all the queries regarding mobile phones for almost all the platforms. Our partner is based in Germany and offers the right application for every industry.


Business Needs:

Our Partner came up with an idea to develop an application, which will be high on entertainment quotient, graphics and special effects. He wanted that a user can add special effects to video, which he/she has recorded. The special effects would be preset in the application. The user just needs to select the effect and put it on the video recording.

Problems / Challenges

Following were the challenges:

  • The interface of the application should be engaging.
  • Recording of the video should be with high precision i.e. no distortion in terms of pixels.
  • Minimum the time taken for rendering the video.
  • Aspect ratio of the video should be compatible with all sorts of mobile screen sizes.
  • The video should end as soon as the effect on the recorded video ends i.e. the process should also perform editing function.
Solutions and Key Features

Solutions & Key Features:

In response to the needs, we prepared a detailed system requirement document based on extensive research, and came up with the following solutions:

  • Time Optimisation: It is basically related to Rendering Process. This included the multitasking or parallel threading of the frames for various source of videos (recorded by the user and preset effects).
  • Memory Management: Since, the whole procedure includes adding effects to each and every frame of the video, that too without decreasing its quality. This complete process takes a lot of space. The major achievement was to manage the memory and deliver the superfine video as the output.
  • Multimedia Operation: This particular section includes following steps:

    1) Converting the Video-to-Frames
    2) Grab sound from the recorded video
    3) Editing of the frames
    4) Converting Frame-to-Video
    5) Merging sound of the recorded video and the effects
    6) Adding sound to the final edited video

  • Device Specific Performance: The application performs perfectly well on every platform i.e. tablet or smartphone.

Key Features:

  • The most interesting feature in the application is that the video after adding the effects on it can be saved in the gallery and later can be shared with others through Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, etc.
  • Another appealing feature is that the Video can be captured at the rate of 25fps with the aspect ratio of 4:3.
  • The time taken to render a video of 15 seconds should be very less.
Target Market

Any Android user having the OS version of 4.0 and above can use this application.


We have utilized complete advantage of the technical capabilities of our team and delivered the best video editing application to our partner. Maintaining the quality of video and sound in outcome was crucial, but we were able to bring out the result in stipulated time frame.

The application was so popular that it was downloaded 12,000 times within its first week of release on the store. This surely made our partner very happy.