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General Information
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General Information


  • Joomla 2.5
  • HTML5 CSS3
  • Bootstrap Scroll spy.js v2.0.4

Partnership Model:

Project Based

Team Size:

One Joomla specialist worked for about 1.5 months on this project.


This website is basically a Dating Site, serving mainly in the Netherlands

About Partner:

Our Partner is an entrepreneur from Netherlands. They provide A-to-Z digital marketing solutions to their various other clients.

Business Needs:

Our Partner came up with an idea to develop a web-application, which will be solely dedicated to the people, who are interested in dating by searching a partner on the internet.

The users should be able to:

  • Register them
  • Create profile
  • Set-up Preferences/Attributes:

    1) These preferences should be in 3 major heads and represented in red, green and orange colour.
    2) The attributes are very strict and until all the attributes match with one another, the suggestions will not be displayed.

Problems / Challenges

There were few other things, which were integrated from third party and few were custom made:

  • Preferences: This was developed specifically as per the requirement.
  • ICEPAY: We integrated a 3rd party application, ICEPAY for the payment system. The user can pay for their chosen membership through this.
  • Community Builder: We used this component for social networking.
  • Openfire: This plug-in was used for the chat functionality.

Below mentioned were the major challenges in the project:

  • The interface of the application should be engaging.
  • Very high performance in terms of page load time and registering process
  • Excellent usability as the end users might not be tech savvy
Solutions and Key Features

Solutions & Key Features:

According to the needs of our partner, we prepared a thorough system requirement file that was based on wide research, and came up with the following resolution:

  • Affiliate Functionality: It is a process where end-user sends notification to other people to register on the site as a paid member. When an individual user achieves the target of subscribing fresh paid users; the sender will receive 3-4 months of extra subscription
  • Membership Management: There are 3 types of membership plans, like- Free, Paid and Premium. According to which, the access was provided to the user.
  • Pay & Renew System: The membership of the site can be renewed by paying certain fee.
  • Chat Functionality: The members of this dating site can chat with each other.
  • Photo Request Functionality: If the user wants, they can hide their photo from being displayed to certain users. They can later display their picture, once they receive a request from other users.
  • Reject Functionality: The user can reject the request. If they do so continuously for 3 times to the same user, both are blocked for 3 months i.e. they can communicate with other user but will not find each other in searches for dating.

Key Features:

  • Customized framework and component to make them user friendly.
  • Used scripting languages with minimal page loading time.
  • Created functionality to merge with the views of default Joomla framework.
  • Mobile compatible version was also developed.
Target Market

Anybody who are interested in dating and are searching for the partner can become a member on this site and post their preferences.


This project was a huge task for Helios Solutions. We gave our best support to our partner. With regular discussions and online meetings, the final website was ready with every little detail required by our partner. We also gave suggestions, which were gladly accepted and implemented in the website. The end result was satisfying, which was reflected from our partner’s feedback.