Technology : Joomla
Website Developed for Huge Student Body of well known University

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General Information
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General Information


  • Development Language   :   PHP (ver. 5.3.5)
  • Database                         :  MySQL (version – 5.5.8)
  • Open source framework   :  Joomla 2.5


Partnership Model:

Project Based

Team Size:

One Joomla specialist worked for about 380 hrs on this project.


This website is basically for one of the educational institutes, Norway.

About Partner:

Our partner is a well known student union organization in Norway. It welcomes interest of every member and tries to incorporate it in their activities. It arranges fares, events, company presentations for the big student bodies. It creates and manages opportunities for everyone.

Business Needs:

Our Partner contacted Helios Solutions to resolve the defects and also to enhance few features in the existing website. Our partner wanted that the user can get registered on the website and can be an active member of the student union organization (Student body). The web solution had to be created for the big student body of Europe. Student body wanted a web solution which:

  • Is multi lingual 
  • Allows companies to post jobs 
  • Manages Company presentation – Business user organize company presentation and students can reserve seats to attend the presentations.
  • Book rooms for study 
  • Create groups and initiate discussion on any topic
  • Registration and job posting – Business user can register their company and post jobs.

Allows students to apply for job and get notifications about the job status through email.


Problems / Challenges

Below are the major challenges for the project:

  • Use the existing frameworks and components, that the student body was using for one of their sister website. The framework (Jat3) and components were not multi lingual, so challenge was to make the framework and component work for both languages. 
  • Create mobile compatible version with limited features. 
  • Very high performance in terms of page load time and booking process
  • Excellent usability as the end users were college students
Solutions and Key Features

According to the needs of our partner, we prepared a thorough system requirement file that was based on wide research, and came up with the following resolution:

  • Customize the framework and component to make them multi lingual. 
  • Mobile compatible version had to be created.
  • Use scripting languages with minimal page loading time.
  • Create functionality to merge the views of default Joomla template and Jat3 framework.
  • Render the devices and make the layout as responsive to fit in all the large, medium & small devices.
  • By using script compression method, load script based on page demand and using light weighted images.

Key Features:

Below are the major benefits of the website:

  • Students are able to register for company presentations
  • Student has facility to book rooms for study. If room is already booked by other student then they can directly contact that student through email to swap the room.
  • Students can view the vacancies in different companies and apply online.
  • Groups can be created and moderated for internal discussion based on different topics.
  • The news can be broadcasted on website. 
Target Market

Any student of the student association and the companies or business organisations who wants to give presentations and connect with the students are the basic targets of the website.



This particular project was a huge task for Helios Solutions. We gave our best support to our partner. With regular discussions and online meetings, the final website was ready with every little detail required by our partner. We also gave suggestions, which were gladly accepted and implemented in the website. The end result was satisfying, which was reflected from our partner’s feedback.