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Route finder application

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General Information
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General Information


  • Android
  • Google Map
  • Joomla web admin

Partnership Model:

Project Based

Team Size:

One developer worked for about 120 hours on this project.


This particular application caters the travellers, truck drivers, etc. this application helps them to plan a trip, find the route and search for various services available on that particular route.

About Partner:

Our partner is based in Germany and provides solutions to its users, those who travel and need information of the route (starting point-to-destination). Our Partner’s objective was to develop an application that can make driving easy.

Business Needs:

  • Practically, this application should be able to search the location mentioned by the user and display on the map of Germany.
  • It should display the route with the selected services, by some kind of symbol. It should also calculate the distance in Kilometres and display the same.
  • The time taken by the application to search and display the information should be fast (very less).
  • The display results should be in the list format starting by highways and distance till the destination.
  • By just clicking on the icon on the route/map, further more information should be displayed.
  • The owners of the fuel stations, restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, etc, who all are interested in putting their ads on this application, should have the space.
  • All those who have taken the franchise, their symbol/icon should be displayed on the route, while the driver/user selects the route.
Problems / Challenges
  • Engaging and intuitive user interface.
  • To integrate the Radial search in the application, this includes the location of the fuel stations, services, facilities, etc.
  • Zoom facility in the map view.
  • Able to add any number of services selected by the user in the particular route.
  • Add particular search buttons on the home page.
Solutions and Key Features

Our Partner wanted that the user can select the start and the end point of the destination, also the services (shopping malls, restaurants, spas, hotels, motels, cafes, etc.) available on that particular route. This application also have the information of the service station i.e. pictures of the station, its fax no., phone no., etc. There were few more solutions we provided to our partner, there were:

  • By using the radial search option, the user can find all the truck stops with the information of the distance (km), and can plan the stops prior to their departure.
  • User can freely select any location on the map of Germany; a needle point is visible on the map as the selected location. The route will be marked from your current location to the selected location. The distance will always be displayed in kilometers (kms).
  • This application also provides refined information of each and every service station, like- the facilities available, rest rooms, telephone no., fax no., food available, etc. user can select particular feature and plan the trip accordingly.
Target Market

Our Partner caters to both –

  • Vehicle Drivers: Those who are interested in knowing the route and various services available on that particular route.
  • Fuel Station Owners: Those who want to advertise their brand name on the application.

By absolutely utilizing the technical potential of our team, we have tried are best to provide the driving plan application to our partner. By maintaining the quality, technical aspects and creativity, we were able to provide result in the given stipulated time line.
The application was up to the mark and as per our partner’s expectations, which was reflected from the positive feedback of our partner.